About Us

Fur the Love of Paws is a pet sitting and dog walking company dedicated to keeping your pets stress levels low, health and happiness high, and your mind at ease. We get it. It's really stressful when your meeting runs longer than usual, or your work day takes a turn into the night and you've got a dog at home that needs let out. We know it's anxiety-inducing to not just your pet, but to you too, to put your dog or cat in a kennel while on vacation. And we definitely understand it's scary trusting your beloved fur child to someone else's care. We understand because we have animals of our own, and we worry about the same things.

So let us help.

Ranging from a 15 minute potty break for the puppy or elderly dog that can't be alone for too long, to an hour long hike through the woods for the active pup that needs some energy burned off, or just some playtime for your new kitten - we've got it all. All of our services are provided in your home and neighborhood, where your pet is familiar and happiest, with communication to you upon arrival and departure from your pet. Our goal is to provide care that is as unique as your pet, catering to the individual needs of your animal, household, and daily life. 

With a lifetime of pet experience under each of our belts, and in our third year of business, we know just how important our four legged family members become and how stressful it is when you have to leave their care to someone else. Because of this, Fur the Love of Paws is fully bonded and insured, and each of us is certified in Pet CPR and Safety.

We're here to take some stress out of an unexpected long day at the office, your annual family vacation, or any other activity where your pets are left alone. 

Our Team

Jackie Pajan & Jason Krimsky
Paige Rossi
Senior Pet Care Expert
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